I have been helping my clients to understand and reach the right design solutions. It could be a small hall with boards about illustration, or the unique 'livre d'artiste,' with live paintings, even in-park billboards with museum history.

Collaboration with both domestic and international agencies was hard work but valuable experience to work with the major clients.

My education had clarified what basis graphic design has, how it works inside.

Once I had handled the exhibition with more than 1.500 items by myself alone, designing all the collateral materials for.

I believe every tiny bit of graphic design is a brick in the building of visual culture around us. By making design decisions, we are all responsible for that building. So let's keep it beautiful.
At the same time, whether we like it or not, the visual culture can't stop evolving, and therefore, we can't stop experimenting and creating something new. The appearance of the world depends on us. So let's remain open-minded.

I always enjoy working with the cultural sphere. My last full-time job was for the main exhibition hall in Moscow. Museums, theaters, galleries, musicians and music bands or orchestras, opera, artists, night clubs, day clubs, festivals, cinemas, you're always welcome, small or big.

Alexander Kuliev
Moscow based independent graphic designer with international-class design education, focused on experimental typography
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